Welcome Home, beautiful Soul!

I am in Service to your awakening Heart


☥ 1:1 Sessions

The personal sessions are either tailor-made longterm programs or singular calls to be fully supported on your Souls path of Awakening. It is possible to work through any kind of trauma, release karmic loops, attachment to an ex-partner or reintegrate suppressed aspects of self, that have been affected by violence, abuse or a challenging childhood.

Every session follows a three-steps design: Preparatory practice – 1:1 Session – Integration


Φ Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

In individual or group ceremonies, we open profound healing spaces to connect deeply with our core. The aim is to release all, that no longer serves us to walk in highest alignment with Life. Sharin uses indigenous medicines like Kambô, Rapé or Sananga to support the healing journeys.


☥ Trauma Release and Bodywork

Every time a life situation causes contraction, the body stores a memory. Profound traumas, that are either consciously or subconsciously playing out in daily life, can be released with special body work techniques. The goal is to let go of blockages and return to the initial flow state within – so life force energy can move through us.


Φ Movement Rituals

Everything we experience is energy. The body itself is the most powerful expression of life force. Movement Rituals are an invitation to deeply explore the shadow and liberate us to embody our rawest, wildest expression of self.