…what a ride: birthing NUNA MUNAI!

A initial Sharing about how my Soul has been called into Service of the Divine, Work Philosophy and Creation of NunaMunai.

Beautiful souls,

this is the very first post I am publishing and it is my honour to welcome you humbly on my website. To open this vortex of sharing, inspiration and healing energetically, I want to share with you the philosophy of the work coming through me and how the name of this healing-(he)art project was created.

I started the mysterious journey of birthing my souls medicine, when the abundant universe manifested my first initiation nine 9 years ago, when I was 17. Through the strong calling of my soul, I could find myself sitting with the first spiritual teacher and shaman I ever worked with in Monchique, Portugal. After that I began releasing the indoctrinated filters, that were making me believe and see far less then possible and realigning with my true life purpose. I found home in the cosmos and the work of shamanism! But to that it is not limited: My energy was awake and my curiosity continuously kept growing. My divine vessel wanted to learn more and deeper how to create free and sacred spaces for self-realization, healing and connection beyond the known realms. Following my resonance and my resistance made me connect with a lot of teachings around the world.

E x p a n s i o n into unknown spheres was the main energy, which guided me whilst becoming aware and birthing my medicine into this earthy dimension. With a lot of occults, fully written books and widely expanded bodies, I never stopped again following my intuition to create energetic playgrounds all around the world. In South America and Europe I am creating women and men circles, giving meditation courses, ceremonies and workshops. Supported by the natural cycles of grandmother moon this work is continuously rooting deeper into the transformational power of releasing traumas, dogmas and withhold beliefs. In remembrance of the power of the circle as the most primal healing form, my heart desires to remember us, the human tribe, of our power to rebirth the freest version of us into the here and now. This work started to spread out almost 7 years ago from my apartment in Berlin, to beautiful locations and nature in my two home and heart continents. Right now I am receiving invitation to share my work in Ecuador, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Germany and Austria – l pray for abundance, so this journey of NunaMunai can continue…

My philosophy with which I open and hold sacred temple spaces for self-realization, is a free-flowing mix with channeled elemental, universal wisdom, Tantra, Butoh, Shamanism, Wicca and TAO. The alchemic healing process liberates the soul and its patterns from suffering with the light of transformation. Guided by an open, compassionate heart, an open channel and the balance between the principles of the divine masculine and the sacred feminine this healing work offers the reconnection to our never dwindling life source: The unflinching love from our wild and knowing essence.

So yes, it took me almost 9 years to study myself and find a name, that would honour this divine force working through me. Finding a name was sending me on a journey to discover the very own essence of the energy work, which I am devotionally giving. I always deeply knew, that it is not ‘my work’. I deeply feel it is the Great Spirit working through the me and all the other amazing light worker across the Universe, that are in devotion to be a conscious vessel of the divine and serve the divine plan to bring unity. Since South America has been the continent of deep remembrance, source of strong re-awakening for many parts of my soul and the re-encountering of long forgotten roots again in this lifetime’s journey. As the mountains, the highlands in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and especially the Andes were contributing so strongly to the opening of my channel, I henceforth wanted to honour this igniting energy with their native language. So the words Nuna and Munai are in ‘Quechua’ – the until today most common native language family in South America and the former language of the well known Inca empire.

‘Nuna’ means Soul or further the Essence of a being.
‘Munai’ means Love.

I discovered, that the Force and the Soul of ‘my work’ is Love. Further I discovered, that the Re-Connection to this divine, free Source of Love, that resides in each and every being sometimes needs some help to flow again. This is what the core, the essence of the work is: The Re-connction to Love of every seeking Soul and by that to their divine, aligned Force & Purpose.

As inspiration for me has one of the most transformational energies for me, I wanted to combine a platform on the one hand to reach out to people with the energy work and on the other hand to share poetries, stories and realisations, which are arising from this path I am walking on.

AHO, thank you so much for joining me here on this platform and taking the time to read my words! Get inspired, get in touch and co-create with me.


One Tribe


One Multiverse


Our all Essence is Love


May our inspiration always run free, wild and untamed

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