About Grounding and the Importance to connect with your Vision

Our Being is designed to work as a Channel of Light. We are able to enter a State of Flow, when we return to our Nature.

When we pay attention to our being, we can intensely feel, that we are designed as a channel of light in between the heavenly spheres and mama earthy grounds. We are receiving, exchanging and channeling all the time. The importance lies in our consciousness and awareness about this process, so we are able to support the natural process of constant alchemy. We are called to become aware of being this channel of divine information and exchange!

We are not designed to hold on what actually needs to flow, take a deep breath and feel, that there is nothing to hold on to. Let go and be free. This sounds incredibly simple, but we can achieve this ‘magical release’ simply by grounding into the earth and into the qualities of your being. Ask yourself:

What is your unchangeable nature?
What is you and what might be from Others?
Then release, through words, movement, breath work, singing or any other practice that resonates for you, what it is, that you were carrying – even though it has not been yours.

Sometimes the world can feel shaky, the ocean of life, that we drive through can feel like trouble waters, so then, beloved soul, anchor in the qualities, that bring you to awareness and ease: root and anchor into love, immortality and calmness, root into Mother Earth by embracing the womb where we all came from and where we will go to again. Root into whatever your heart desires and gives strength to this deep process of transformation. It is not just about devotionally channeling the wisdom into our Mother Earth, neither to only receive the wisdom of Father Sky, but also to connect with the visionary wisdom of your being, that exists in between the upper and the under world.

You are able and allowed to change, participate and guide your very own flow and connection to the universe, by creating, connecting and embracing your vision!

Feel which energy your want to contribute to your very own wild world and then honor her richness and importance, allow her to unfold and develop further. This medicine is what the world needs Trust, breathe, connect and share your divine gifts!

So I call you forth, beloved brother, beloved sister:

Be as pure and naked as you are.

Sit with yourself, in nature and contemplate.

Move to whatever moves through you and embrace the channel that you are.

Honour the vision that you have and stay rooted in the love and particular qualities, that are making your medicine for the world as powerful as it is.

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