About the Power of loving Brotherhood and Sisterhood

When we embrace Love, we open up to ourselves and towards our Tribe. Deep Respect and Trust into the Power of Brotherhood & Sisterhood is stimulating the Process of Unbecoming deeply…

In this deep, devotional hug you can see me and David. From the outside it might appear as we are lovers and we are in a certain way. Aren’t we all Lovers of Life and Love? For me personally the (re-)connection to embrace deep love with all my brothers and sisters, is such a profound healing. Love enables the ability to deeply see someone beyond all their protection, defence and hiding mechanisms, that we build up during our lifetime.

Loving communion gives us the opportunity to be truly seen as the miracle and perfection, that each and everyone of us is. Probably some beings can relate to the following situation: When we see our friends, our tribe, our family or our partner, all the imperfections, that they consider having are not existing for us. Because it is Love, that enables us to see the perfection in everything! It further lets us become aware of, that there is actually no imperfection and we are all created as beautiful flowers in the divine garden of the creator. Every flower, herb, tree and plant has it’s very own personality and manifestation. Or have you ever seen a sunflower, that looks alike another sunflower?

I am using this analogy, because the flowers are flower. It is their nature, they shine in their distinct bright colours and trillions of shapes. So do we, initially: We come to this planet as shiny and pure beings. When we are growing up, it commonly happens, that we are dimming our light, as we are starting to compare ourselves to the other beings. ‘Oh, I would love to have that white rose pedals, too!’ or ‘Why can I not have the bright red colour as the poppy seed?’ It can happen, that we loose ourselves in comparison – this is where power of loving brotherhood and sisterhood comes in.

I realise every day deeper, that it is Love, that connects us all. It is Love, which lives inside each and everyone of us, which is our Essence. AND it is also Love, that scares and frustrates us the most. Love, that has no Direction to go, causes conflict on the inside and transforms into destructive patterns.

In ceremonial work with men and women I see the following miracle unfolding: While we are diving into practices, that are reminding us of our own light, everyone starts to shine immediately. Also the release of tears, laughter or screams is quite common in this process, as we are releasing our indoctrinated filters of Self and Others. We turn back to simply being!

We are igniting our own fire by igniting the fire of others. I hear phrases like: ‘Oh really you feel that, when you look at me?’ or ‘Seriously? Thank you for sharing this, i never liked that about me!’ A deep power resides in our ability to perceive the other, but it often lacks the moment of sharing to become a potent source of reconnection. So when we come together as brothers and sister in the name and energy of loving truth, we are turning back to our nature as love.

It is a profound human need to share affection – by that I mean receiving and giving, which is held in balance. i write these words with the intention to ignite a spark inside of your being to go out and share the beauty you see in your brothers and sisters. Even if you might think, they are aware of their light! The moment of honest sharing enables deeper connection with oneself and with others. Be surprised about this small practice and how it is able to transform our daily life into a day filled with magical and deep connections!

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