Every Feeling has the same Origin

A Sharing about my deep Realisation about the Birthplace of all our Emotions. If we let them run freely, we are truly free.

It was the 26th of July 2018: I cried for several hours and my cry was deep release of all the gratitude I felt for life. I am amazingly grateful for having this life. I am grateful for being born in this body and particularly grateful for all the traumas I suffered. I kissed myself, held myself for being amazingly grateful for me: My soul having the braveness and amazing talent to stand up, find the love within and then having over and over again the ability to surrender, (let) go and manifest magic on the outside.

So there I was, sitting in the earth temple after diving deep in Hidden Paradise in Spain. Opening portals, that I was long time afraid to open. Releasing within a ten days retreat a lifetime of accumulated pain, that I was not able to let go, as there was no safe space for me.

I cried, laughed, sang, screamed and shouted. I felt insane, when my mind was coming in to give some thoughts and judgments about what’s going on with me. But with these hours of fully allowing myself to be and to express everything, that there was without me labelling it neither dimming it or judging my emotions in a certain way, I accessed unfelt and amazingly spacious parts of my being.

I realised, that every feeling has the same origin. I realised, that everything comes from the same well. If we let us be, without judging how it needs to be or come out, we simply are able to break through. We are able to purge ourselves. Making space to be and rebirth the most aligned version with ourselves & on our own.

I cried tears on the floor of the earth temple. I blessed my being with my sacred waters.

I am free and not afraid to express, what I am and what I have been.

I know by letting my sacred rivers run wild and free, without me taming them, I become full and united with myself.

A sacred tribe we are! And as soon as we allow ourselves, we become free.

One Love

One Essence

One Multiverse


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