Interpretation of the divine and eternal Teachings

We all reincarnate to this Earth, to be Inanities of Love. The Life we are living is teaching us, the Story we are living is showing us the missing pieces of becoming whole again. To rebirth and be fully as Love! When open up beyond the human conditioning, we are able to feel the Truth with our widely expanded hearts, rather than with our sightly limited mind.

A Teaching is something, which can only be felt, deeply felt through, in order to be internalised and integrated into the very core of our being

When a divine teaching of love is tried to be understood by the mind, interpreted by the thinking, it is what we can see happening around us: Grief, conflict, misunderstanding, lies, fights and even war over who is right and who is wrong

But there is no such thing, the truth is in essence love, is in the very essence the energy of creation, purity and life source

The story we are living is written by the same hand, a force so much bigger than what we can perceive with our human condition – you see the need for expansion? I invite you to open your heart

Please beloved brother and sisters, do not stay in the superficial realms, do not stay on the illusionary safe surface, when the depths and heights of existence is waiting for you. Waiting to be explored by your being!

When our Tribe stays dormant, we will not reach the Truth, we cannot embrace her or neither live her, as we simply cannot feel her. Love represents itself every moment, in extraordinary simple ways – sometimes so simple, that people unlearned to understand the Language, the Soul of our World.  Only when the Initiate of Life has opened itself up to F E E L and B E beyond the known, the Initiate is going to be flooded with the waves of truth, with the eternal waves of the divine Teaching of Love!

So how is it possible to reach this point of being and feeling?

One quality is the surrendering to life, to the truth and the guidance this pure life force contains.

Cultivating the ability of welcoming it all. Welcoming everything with an open heart and an unattached being

By that affirming the deepest truth of yourself and when the veils are once fully lifted, you will se clear, that nothing separates us from the other – same emotions, same carrousel in a different story, different context. But all in the same eternal N O W!

Respond to your and everyone else’s deep longing for sacred destiny, the souls calling for a divine, aligned path and living in purpose in an affirmative way

Honour love as the greatest source and force of creation and transformation

And lastly I invite you to affirm healing as a path to become one with this truth held by the infinite love of creation


Photo taken by Daniel Sun in Spain, August 2018

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