About the Alchemy of Love

A Poem about the Journey as Initiates of Love. Art is the Language of the Soul and to me Poetry the Language of my Heart. Blessed be the Force of Love. Blessed we are!

Oh beloved Man

Radiant Force of the Universe

The one, who is enlightening, illuminating her Soul’s Path

Laying on a Fur, that once Love gifted her

In a Apartment, mysteriously illumined by Candles’ light

Feeling, how Words do not exist, as she writes them

Realizing, how all of her Existence is the Love he evoke in her

Seeing her very own Existence through the Space he is able to hold for her

In the ancient Times, when the Sacred Feminine

And the Divine Masculine still had its primordial Power

Their Love was born

A force they call Sacred Union, ignited its Spark

A Love made out of immortal, alchemical Substance

Realizing the Nature of Simplicity, the Nature of the flowing River, Sacred Water

As once again, Love teaches them to truly flow

Is the truth the only thing that guides them

Which is only there to be perceived with widely expanded Hearts,

Rather than with the slightly limited Nature of the Mind

Love appears to be the Well of Illumination, the Virtue of Joy

The Reason for Existence and the Root of Fertility

Love is their guiding Voice

A voice without Language and a formless Truth

The Soul of the World is speaking through them

Love gifts them Transcendency

Endowing them with Clairvoyance

Strengthening the initiates to journey into the Debris of their inner Temples

Exploring all the Worlds, in which they exist

To salvage and live their true Mystery

It is Love guiding them into Non-Duality

Overcoming the human created Separation

A heroic Story, in which the Force of Love is praised

A Legend so fairytale, invoking to shed the Skin of Aberration

Waking up, inspiring all surrounding Beings to attend the higher Calling

Reminding everyone, that the Tales of the Gods and Goddesses

Are made to tell the Humanity about themselves

About the Qualities, that faded into Obscurity

Love comes in, to show the Potential of united Forces, of Magic

Which resides in them, shyly hidden as it was not honored for so long

The untamed, soundly piercing Love of a Man

Who turned into a Guardian of one of the most sacred Initiations of Life

A Consecration made by the strongest force in the universe, in the multiverse:

The Force of Love

A Love so daring, bold and venturous

Only together the alchemical Secrets of Love can be decoded

Only together the Formula can be realized

What is takes to unfold the highest Potential

Of the transformational Enchantment

The interwoven Existence of it all

Moving Mountains as only one Manifestation

As the life-changing Magic starts to unfold

Vibrating through all Cells, shaking off the Dusts of antique Limitations

Crying out the deepest Sorrows, she starts to feel the Invitation to fall

And to fly – both at the same time

Vanquishing all intermediate Dimensions

Reintegrating all the lost Fractions of Self

Healing the deep Wounds

Overcoming the Yearning for Completion

As she knows, the Time is ripe to unite

Not from a Place of Lack, but from a P(a)lace of abundant Trust

And there she sits, receiving

Receiving the most profound Initiation of her Life

Held by his loving Presence

A Presence so sharp, it cuts through all that no longer serves

Like a Samurai Sword, gracefully honoring all Existence

Liberation for the feminine Force

To finally be what she is

To nurture and to receive

To connect herself and the man she loves

Deeper and deeper with source

Undressed. Naked. Pure

Dressed by her sheer Existence

May the Prayers rise up to the heavenly Realms

May they be heard by all Worlds

Worlds, who attend their Prayers

May the Sacred Union between this Man and this Woman

Illuminate the World

May this Unity give Permission to Everyone

To be exactly as they are

To find Completion – on the inside and on the outside

May the Humankind open up for the New World

May they be the New World

May they taste the Paradise

The taste of aligned Purpose

May all of us celebrate

May all Patrons, all Spirits

May all Healer, all ascended Masters

May all Angels, all Orbs

Assist us in this Journey

The Journey as initiates of Love

Oh, what a Journey Life is 

Conquering each others Heart

Fading away the old, that no longer serves

Birthing the New Age through us

You and Me

Me and You

Love reveals her Faces


Written on the 6th of September 2018, Channeled for Him, by Nuna Munai


Photo shows the Orion Nebula, captured by NASA Visualization Explorer 

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