Shamanic Ceremonial Wisdom – Part I

Some Pre-and Post-Ceremonial golden Wisdom from a Healing Gathering to receive the sacred Plant Medicine Caapiruna, Peruvian Amazon.

The world inherits tremendous wisdom – the beauty of that wisdom is, that it teaches us equally from the collective as from our individual experience. This journal entry is about ceremonial wisdom from a healing vortex of incredible beings, who gathered to drink the sacred plant medicine Caapiruna from the Peruvian Amazon. I received the honor to support the profound weekend as a shamanic healer in the field with the Peruvian Shaman Viejo Augustin Rivas and the Austrian Shaman Gitika Linser, who received as the first European woman ever the shamanic Master degree Alto Mando Muraiya.

I invite you to read this article, which contains information, that I intuitively took down and reflected upon as a response to what I have been listening to. It is a joy to share it with all of you now, elevating the rising of consciousness and spreading inspiration. It might be helpful to know, that in the shamanic vision of healing, we help the soul to unite with the defragmented parts of the originally holistic soul and clean, sort out those parts, who aren’t naturally within us. An inner balance, the initial alignment is created with the process of healing and purification, so we all can return to our whole nature. For me personally shamanism or ‘curanderismo’ is like a gold rinse in the sacred river of (our) existence. Throughout our life or caused by past-life experiences, the river gets dirty: We need a sieve to filter what belongs to us and what not! To me all spiritual paths lead to the same destiny, so any view on the world, that resonates most with you, is welcome here. I write that in order to open your higher self up to receive any word as a word of your very own souls wisdom independently from differing personal beliefs.

I. Illness, diseases, addictions or generally detached parts of our holistic soul and self, manifest as `figuras` or in english, individual persons. That means, those parts of our being, that are unhealthy are getting personified and are becoming weaker or stronger – depending on how we face them! To encounter that situation and infuse it with healing, it is essential to activate optimism, self-awareness, recognition of the true & untouchable self and self-love, which is free of judgments . This is an important key to face the healing of our wounded aspects, when we consciously decide to not give them any more power upon us – it always in our hands!

II. What is love? Love is only a word, which contains four letters. But only the action and attitudes are going to reveal the nature of Love in us and in the other. Estimation, appreciation, honesty.. the list is long and the possibilities infinite to express Love. Love should always be honoured – open your heart and receive all visible and invisible forms of the greatest force of all.

III. While I am observing how the participants undergo a Mapacho (sacred tabacco) purification, Viejo continuously invites: Siente las cosas! Siéntete! Siente a tí misma! Saber de tí! (Feel your `things`! Feel yourself! Know yourself!). It is fundamental in order to heal, to feel yourself, to feel your body, to feel all of you as the present you are to the world! To embody the belief, that your being is medicine to this planet enables the ability to overcome one of the deepest traumata: being alive and not knowing purpose.

IV. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the ceremony, enjoy life as a ceremony and leave the prohibition of self. Enter into the state of allowance – allow yourself to be, as your are, as you flow.

V. Sort out what is not yours. Reflect upon, what does not belong to you, what have you been taking on? Then, let it go and move on.

VI. Conocerte como la curandera, como el curandero que eres! * Get to know yourself as the healer you are!

VII. Ask yourself, ask your dreams, ask your cells to teach you, teach you sacred wisdom about yourself and the lineage you arose. Feel yourself, enjoy yourself, your experience in the world is a medicine! Start to communicate with you, with all that is around you.

VIII. You need to be ambitious! To only realise, the wounded part in ourselves, brings us into a knowing, but not any other step further. Our own self-love determines where we go with any realisation or vision – so, be ambitious and go with the calling of your heart!

VIV. When we write our mind flourishes. In our modern day civilisation, we consume more, then we create. Our mind needs to empty in order to create something new – the spark of creativity comes in innumerable ways. Go and get yourself a little book and write, write even if you feel there is nothing to write – and you will see, what leaves your hand!

X. The path to Amelioration is self-realization. Don’t fall back into repetitive loops and patterns!


Image Source: The magical Power of Ayahuasca, Joya Energy

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