Shamanic Ceremonial Wisdom – Part II

Welcome to the second part of the Ceremonial Wisdom with the sacred Plant Medicine Caapiruna. Read, melt, feel into it and sieve the Gold, that your Soul is longing for.

The image shows the preparation of the Ayahuasca liana, which is cooked together for several hours with the sacred leaf of the plant Chakruna in order to create the well known sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. The Chakruna leafs are essential in the preparation – without it the hallucinogenic the carrier to enable the DMT release in the body and by that creating the visionary journey, which the medicine of Ayahuasca provides to the drinker. When the Ayahuasca liana itself is cooked with some other ingredients and not with the Chakruna leafs, the medicine Caapiruna arises. Caapiruna is the more gentle version of Ayahuasca, as it has no additional DMT, while carrying the same healing benefits.

Enjoy this sharing as an inspiration for your Souls path.

I. Tienes que ver como tan importante eres! * If you could only see how important you are!

In our human existence, we often tent to live in the extremes: Overestimation or underestimation! To develop a healthy self-love and a adequate sense of  being proud is quite a task. What we should not forget, is to realise how important we are for the collective – each and every being on this planet plays a crucial role for the big picture. As soon as we realise, that everyone carries divine medicine, we are helping each other to rise. Let’s rise, dear tribe!

II. Doubts, feelings of guilt, not trusting are all manifestations of not trusting or not being connected with our intuition, our internal guidance system. The intuition represents our connection, our ability to walk upon our souls path. When we start following our intuition with joy and confidence, we reprogram, change our energetic vibration on the tiniest cellular level. When we trust in ourselves and in our individual path, we change our cellular structure. There is a profound need to place our optimism ahead of us and go our path with confidence.

III. When you have found something, that you truly want to keep, treat it like a treasure, protect it and honor it! Like this we can cultivate profound love with us and our divine gifts.

IV. The monotone confuses us, bores us and diminishes our ability to express our creative essence. Discover something new – not important how tiny or huge, every day. Walk different paths, listen to different music and enjoy all colors of the rainbow, all colors of life. Change the position of your bed and most importantly put your electronic devices outside of your room or at least in flight mode!

V. Accept and honor, what makes you happy! All will be consumed, when we do not receive the blessing of delight, of the pleasure to be alive.

VI. Assume your responsibility for yourself. No one else has a responsibility for you or your life – you are the one who decides when and what! Watch out, be aware with what you decide to go. Life offers various things, your are the one, who has the power to commit! Strengthen your way, your choice and your responsibility with the wisdom of your own path. Decide and don’t fall back into stupidity. Illusions and errors are sharpening your sight for what you desire to manifest in the future. Go there with clear sight and an open heart!

VII. One participant speaks of her roots, that have been cut throughout of her life: When a tree runs dry, how could it carry flowers, how could it be flowering? A tree cannot grow, that is dry.

VIII. Your left hand should teach your right hand how to hug. How to hug yourself, so you can feel, who you are! Feel yourself, divine child!

VIV. Don’t tame yourself or allow to be tamed. Tranquilidad! [Serenity] Realize yourself without guilt. Leave the disappointment and enter profound self-love. Conocerte! Get to know yourself, again and then thank yourself. Love yourself and walk your way with fiery passion.

X. Life is there to be celebrated, it is not designed to stay in the suffering. You are allowed and should carry yourself with pride. Life offers sadness, but it equally offers you happiness in the detachment. Your heart waits, yearns for a dialogue.

XI. Illnesses arise from hatred and from sadness. Don’t hate yourself, don’t judge yourself – embrace yourself as if you were the most precious thing in the universe! Great importance lies in the self-valorization, remember yourself, so your human qualities can flourish.  Do not leave your qualities aside and offer liberty to your being. The liberation of expressing your true essence, sharing your very medicine with the world!

XII. Celebrate, bless and honor, when a new process in your life arises. Light up a candle, build an altar or bless your decision with flowers. Celebrate!

When you go and seek a vision, don’t only look for a visual `movie`, but be aware of your emotional revelations. Humanity often seeks for the obvious, the visual and by that numbs itself from the fine layers. Embrace and honour all of your existence and remember what we cannot feel, we cannot heal!


Blessed be our journey towards unity!

Blessed we are!

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