The Wisdom of Love

The Wisdom of Love reveals to those, who are brave enough to love. To be in Love, to be Love, to fall in Love with a moment, with a person, with oneself and the entire creation of this Universe.

The greatest force of the universe, the greatest teacher of all, is Love to me. Love teaches us in thousands of shapes, forms and colours. The teachings are in essence one, but there are infinite ways, with which the sacred teachings unfold. Love, the force of creation, the fuel of destruction and the remedy for deep surrender. In this journal entry I want to share some insights about Love.

Love and trust guide us through all layers of ourself and throughout all chapters of our Life. Once we can trust our intuition, our knowing, our seeing and our visions, to walk the Path of Truth, which resides in our heart, becomes more easy. Love will not clear away all obstacles, as we need them to grow, but with Love as the motor of our growth, we can dive deep into the mystery of ourselves. B e aware: Resistance to certain chapters in your life might cross your path. But even if you feel resistance coming up, you can keep calm, because:

“Resistance is a sign of deepening. I always say, that where resistance and fear lie, is where our growth lives. Facing our resistance to let go of patterns, that we might are afraid of letting go, is exactly T H E obstacle we need to overcome within ourselves, to dive into a new, unexplored layer of our being.”

So in the end, as the water ebbs and rises again, we can practice with the waves of Life to be bold and curageous to the Self. We can practice self-empowering growth and with that  a beautiful realisation comes: Wow, I really have grown so much. I really have overcome this with my own determination and the trust into, that the process with all its component, is exactly right. Nothing to worry about, child of god!

“Find the way to the heart, the god-self and source. That what has brought you here and will bring you home again. Remember yourself, you are here for liberation.”

This leads me to the next teaching of Love: Relationship is not something, you can hold or keep. It is something to enjoy from a state of freshness. Another golden rule here is, that even too much intention creates tension. I recognised, that everything wants to be with you, when you are empty of intention. Even though I recognise and adore the power of loving intentions, best is to stay fully open and present to impermeable nature of all things. Trusting into the spontaneous nature of your knowing, rather than holding up some made up principle, is simply choosing a different vibration of Life. As the mind works immature and too quick, we can’t tune into, neither connect with the silence and the patience in the heart. In your heart your true wisdom will unfold.

When we see thing for what they are, our heart funks with gratitude and is growing wisdom to fully cultivate that so very needed trust into walking your Soul’s path.

Dropping deeper into the layers of heart-felt guidance, then mind-made reaction.

We are mostly more in relationships with our patterns, automated responses, rather than with the moment and person itself.

When we allow our spontaneous nature and guidance to unfold, we mature. Our eyes become mature, as Love again, to see the ever present beauty of the supreme. Clean the eyes, wash the illusions of the mind and only when we are empty, we will see.

We all came to experience true Love and our capacity to love is our ability to completely de-armour our Ego.

Blessings on your wild journey towards uniting with the Love you are beyond the mind, beyond the illusion, beyond attachment. May you enjoy deeply the freedom to love the aliveness of your being.

2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Love

  1. hola soy Eva te conoci en amoraleza hace unos meses en un retiro de mujeres.
    solo queria saber como sigue tu embarazo!!!
    beso enorme


    1. Hola Eva! Estoy bien, el cuerpo transformándose cada día mas y el portal de la maternidad se abriendo. Una transformación increíble, un nuevo poder despertando! Como estás tú? Me manda un mensaje en Facebook linda: Sharin Kleeberg. Con amor y bendiciones, S


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