Sharin is a medicine woman, who infuses the wisdom of ancient teachings with her studies of many different spiritual practices from all around the world. Her greatest passion is shadow- and trauma work. Within her ceremonies, workshops and private session, she invites the deepest, most primal wounds to rise out of the subconscious to be worked through. 

Since ten years Sharin is walking the path of deep remembrance to embody her souls purpose and ever since has been in service to awaken humanity. She embodies ancient  healing principles, that have their roots mainly in South American Shamanism and alchemizes many elements from the realms of Tantra, Movement Medicines like Butoh, Past life Regression Work or Multidimensional Activations into her unique flavor of transformational energy work. Every teaching contains its own set of instruments to activate, re-align or cleanse the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental and causal body. As a result it is possible to open up to the most subtle sensations within, access the deepest ancient wisdom and connect with life equally as with our divine purpose.

The Medicine of Love is Sharin’s creation to share her offerings and the teachings of Love with the world.