Welcome, divine Soul!

Allow me to introduce a little about the cosmos I find myself in.

My given name is Sharin and the medicine that runs through me into this world is not ‘mine’. It is created by deep remembrance practices of my souls purpose. In the process of aligning with past healer, priestess and shaman lineages, that have been waiting to be active in this body again, my divine purpose presented itself to me: Again, in this life, I am here to serve beings on this planet to reconnect to their essence.

Through my personal devotion to the multiverse of South American Shamanic Healing and my personal inspiration in Tantra, Butoh, Ancient Dance Practices, Elemental teachings and Alchemical Transformational Arts, for me one thing is really obvious: All consciously walked paths are leading towards reconnection and unity with our essence, the most simple nature of love, that resides like a spring in each and every one of us.

Sometimes this spring is blocked through current or past lifetime-journey, but the knowing, the feeling of this well is always with us – even if only subconscious. So every teaching contains its own set of instruments to bring the internal waters into a state of juicy flowing and reintegrates the deep knowing of this sacred fountain as something vivid and accessible inside of us.

The intention in the work is to open up to the most subtle sensation, access the ancient wisdom stored in your being, connecting with life equally as with your divine purpose with an open heart and receptive mutidimensional-layered being.

It is necessary, when we are desiring to experience our full potential to feel, be and create, to deal with what is already with us. Shamanic Healing works with the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental and causal body and helps them to re-align, balance, open and cleanse.

My personal story and healing continuously motivates me to expand and deepen the teachings. With that I am able to share a heart work, that I would have loved to received in terms to open up, regain trust in myself and connect deeply with the guidance of life. Especially shadow work, the release of karmic loops, transformation of attachments to past, future, unresolved situations or people and healing of deep traumas from childhood, violence and abuse, helped me and the souls, that came and work with me, to open new portals of a fulfilled life with purpose.

Braveness and Love have been the two qualities of my soul guiding me through this journey so far. I would be very honoured to share these gifts with you and assist you in your journey of Awakening.