Shamanic Ceremonial Wisdom – Part II

Welcome to the second part of the Ceremonial Wisdom with the sacred Plant Medicine Caapiruna. Read, melt, feel into it and sieve the Gold, that your Soul is longing for.

The image shows the preparation of the Ayahuasca liana, which is cooked together for several hours with the sacred leaf of the plant Chakruna in order to create the well known sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. The Chakruna leafs are essential in the preparation – without it the hallucinogenic the carrier to enable the DMT release in the body and by that creating the visionary journey, which the medicine of Ayahuasca provides to the drinker. When the Ayahuasca liana itself is cooked with some other ingredients and not with the Chakruna leafs, the medicine Caapiruna arises. Caapiruna is the more gentle version of Ayahuasca, as it has no additional DMT, while carrying the same healing benefits.

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Shamanic Ceremonial Wisdom – Part I

Some Pre-and Post-Ceremonial golden Wisdom from a Healing Gathering to receive the sacred Plant Medicine Caapiruna, Peruvian Amazon.

The world inherits tremendous wisdom – the beauty of that wisdom is, that it teaches us equally from the collective as from our individual experience. This journal entry is about ceremonial wisdom from a healing vortex of incredible beings, who gathered to drink the sacred plant medicine Caapiruna from the Peruvian Amazon. I received the honor to support the profound weekend as a shamanic healer in the field with the Peruvian Shaman Viejo Augustin Rivas and the Austrian Shaman Gitika Linser, who received as the first European woman ever the shamanic Master degree Alto Mando Muraiya.

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The Promise of a Shaman

A Sharing of words, which touched me deep down in my sacred rivers. An Insight into the realm of shamanic healing, the devotion and love, that healers on this path share with all existence.

There are these moments, where you find yourself touched, understood and perfectly expressed through the movement or words from another person. This is what happened with me reading the following text, that I wish to share here with you. The author unfortunately is unknown, but it strongly appears to me as it was written by a woman. The shamanic tradition, which evolved into a collective, quite modern term has its roots in the tradition, the times of matriarchal organised societies. It has been women, who used the power of her cycles to connect with the unseen, unknown realms. Receiving visions in their bleeding times, fertilising the crops, speaking with the deities and guiding the tribes. May you feel the force of devotion to every soul in the shamanic work, as I do experience it myself.

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About the Alchemy of Love

A Poem about the Journey as Initiates of Love. Art is the Language of the Soul and to me Poetry the Language of my Heart. Blessed be the Force of Love. Blessed we are!

Oh beloved Man

Radiant Force of the Universe

The one, who is enlightening, illuminating her Soul’s Path

Laying on a Fur, that once Love gifted her

In a Apartment, mysteriously illumined by Candles’ light

Feeling, how Words do not exist, as she writes them

Realizing, how all of her Existence is the Love he evoke in her

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Interpretation of the divine and eternal Teachings

We all reincarnate to this Earth, to be Inanities of Love. The Life we are living is teaching us, the Story we are living is showing us the missing pieces of becoming whole again. To rebirth and be fully as Love! When open up beyond the human conditioning, we are able to feel the Truth with our widely expanded hearts, rather than with our sightly limited mind.

A Teaching is something, which can only be felt, deeply felt through, in order to be internalised and integrated into the very core of our being

When a divine teaching of love is tried to be understood by the mind, interpreted by the thinking, it is what we can see happening around us: Grief, conflict, misunderstanding, lies, fights and even war over who is right and who is wrong

But there is no such thing, the truth is in essence love, is in the very essence the energy of creation, purity and life source

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