Every Feeling has the same Origin

A Sharing about my deep Realisation about the Birthplace of all our Emotions. If we let them run freely, we are truly free.

It was the 26th of July 2018: I cried for several hours and my cry was deep release of all the gratitude I felt for life. I am amazingly grateful for having this life. I am grateful for being born in this body and particularly grateful for all the traumas I suffered. I kissed myself, held myself for being amazingly grateful for me: My soul having the braveness and amazing talent to stand up, find the love within and then having over and over again the ability to surrender, (let) go and manifest magic on the outside.

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About the Power of loving Brotherhood and Sisterhood

When we embrace Love, we open up to ourselves and towards our Tribe. Deep Respect and Trust into the Power of Brotherhood & Sisterhood is stimulating the Process of Unbecoming deeply…

In this deep, devotional hug you can see me and David. From the outside it might appear as we are lovers and we are in a certain way. Aren’t we all Lovers of Life and Love? For me personally the (re-)connection to embrace deep love with all my brothers and sisters, is such a profound healing. Love enables the ability to deeply see someone beyond all their protection, defence and hiding mechanisms, that we build up during our lifetime.

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About Grounding and the Importance to connect with your Vision

Our Being is designed to work as a Channel of Light. We are able to enter a State of Flow, when we return to our Nature.

When we pay attention to our being, we can intensely feel, that we are designed as a channel of light in between the heavenly spheres and mama earthy grounds. We are receiving, exchanging and channeling all the time. The importance lies in our consciousness and awareness about this process, so we are able to support the natural process of constant alchemy. We are called to become aware of being this channel of divine information and exchange!
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…what a ride: birthing NUNA MUNAI!

A initial Sharing about how my Soul has been called into Service of the Divine, Work Philosophy and Creation of NunaMunai.

Beautiful souls,

this is the very first post I am publishing and it is my honour to welcome you humbly on my website. To open this vortex of sharing, inspiration and healing energetically, I want to share with you the philosophy of the work coming through me and how the name of this healing-(he)art project was created.
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