FullSizeRender“I met Sharin at the right time. As a healer and teacher she inspired me strongly and has reawaken my spiritual essence. She unites different practices and a lot of different knowledge. Around her, energies who wanna be healed breakout – most of the times really naturally. I did many ceremonies with her through them I could manifest a deeper trust into myself and my own path. My favourites were the deeply empowering full moon circles with in a group of different women. She always kept the balance between initiating and just letting the process flow.

Throughout this 2-years-process with her I strengthened my intuition and my self-love. Now I look at the upcoming path with more curiosity, less fear and more lightness. Through her I discovered the synchrony of my inner world and the outer world. As a feminist in the outer world, I’ve learned to be a feminist in my inner world.
For all of you thinking to work with her: If she resonates with you, if you feel your energies rising through her presence, trust her and the process. The rest will follow naturally.”

Antonia, Germany
Goddess Initiation, Embodied Divinity Immersion in Austria, Styria


“Sharin beautifully shared how we are born whole and during our life we ‘lose’ parts of that wholeness through eg. limiting believes. That resonated with me. The Rappee ceremony that Sharin guided me trough helped me let go of anything that was no longer serving me on a deep sub contious level. The ceremony for me created inner peace, self love, clarity and being more in touch with my masculine energy. Further more new time lines and possibilities are opening up. Sharin is initiated by the indigenous people from the Brazilian rainforest that prepare the holy Rapé medicine. She explains and performs the ceremony with the utmost sincerity. Highly recommended when you are up for transformation on a deeper spiritual level.”

Willem, Holland
Private Medicine Ceremony in Spain, Alpujarras


“In a difficult moment of my life I met Sharin. She guided me through various meditations and sound healing and by that invited me to incredible journeys, from which I returned physically exhausted, but spiritually light and expanded. At first, when I felt unpleasant physical sensations, I was worrying, but Sharin could explain and let us feel through, what these pains were and where they were coming from. She could always give insights into the emotional and physical reactions! Sharin felt like a piece of god to me, that was given to me in order to reconnect with myself deeply.”

Gilmar, Brazil
2 Months Journey into the World of Meditation in Brazil, Bahia



“Wow, the meditation course I did with you was incredible. It has been moments filled with a lot of understandings and without time! Complete Relaxation for the first time in my life. In the beginning of the immersion I told Sharin, that I can not experience meditation, because of my strong agitation. I will always be thankful, that she could show me, that it is possible for me to find peace within meditation. A big kiss, I honour your work.”

Zenalia, Brazil – 2 Months Meditation Initiation in Brazil, Bahia


38405381_10107538682931010_4645926459783774208_n“At the intersection of deep revelation, and heart opening activation, Sharin resides as a beacon of light in my life. I was having some deep personal challenges at the time of our meeting, and see was able to see right through it. She guided me into a secret garden that over looked the mountains as the sun was setting and led me on a shamanic journey that cracked my heart open like a crystal geode. Suddenly tears poured down my face as a deep release of emotion was surrendered as I was taken into her arms, it felt as if I was being held by the Universe herself. Something happened in that moment. A deep shift took place. Ever since then, everything has been lining up so perfectly. My relationship with myself, my business, my life, has come into a more profound sense of alignment, and I am filled with so much joy and inspiration to continue my journey as a creator. Thank you for re-igniting my fire sister.”


Jonathan, United States of America
Private Medicine Ceremony in Spain, Alpujarras



Thank you for this beautiful New Moon Temple! In this dance so many things have healed, which accompanied my journey the last year. All of my experiences led me to exactly your temple, to bring it into completion. A deep feeling of “coming home” arose – Stability and a immense creativity merged into my being. I have had such a strong vision of all, of all what wants to manifest and thanking you with all my heart for exactly this moment – because you, with your loving and powerful presence, has opened this sacred space to heal.

Jessie, Germany
Transformational Dance Temple in Germany, Berlin